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Welcome to FireDogs

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Teamspeak 3 IP:

ArmA 3 Dedicated Server - Filter: FDOG 
*Wait a couple minutes for the server to load*

FireDogs News:

Daily News (2/11/2015):

-Weapon fire competitions in the future

-Operations are under way. We're currently looking for ops to do. If anyone has a mission suggestion, please suggest it in the forums!

Former News:

-Our Arma 3 dedicated server has been paid for another month by Sgt. T.Holloway.

-You can get qualifications through NCOs and COs if they're qualified. (They have access to clan's Dropbox) Contact one of them today!

*Our Members Lead the Way!*

FireDogs are looking for players in Arma 3 to whom are actually looking to learn new ways of playing combat/milsim. We are recruiting players who do AND don't understand the basics of Arma 3 and who do appreciate a combat simulator. 

If you're serious about getting into this clan, please fill out an enlistment form *link located below*.