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Welcome to FireDogs

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Teamspeak 3 IP:

ArmA 3 Dedicated Server - Filter: FDOG 
*Wait a couple minutes for the server to load*

FireDogs News:

Daily News (1/30/2015):

-Open MilSim Operation: Civilian Rescue is tomorrow at 4:00pm!

-Working on a mod pack to install easier mods

-Task Force Arrowhead Radio install tutorial link:

-Company HQ now contains Regulations, Chain of Command, and our Company's Administration

News brought to you by:

~ Cpt. K.Miracle

Former News:

-TFAR works on our dedicated server only when it's enabled

-Made a short installation guide:

Need to download TFAR? Here is the link:

-Successful Open Operation today. More open ops to come!

News brought to you by:

~ Cpt. K.Miracle

FireDogs are looking for players in Arma 3 to whom are actually looking to learn new ways of playing combat/milsim. We are recruiting players who do AND don't understand the basics of Arma 3 and who do appreciate a combat simulator. 

If you're serious about getting into this clan, please fill out an enlistment form *link located below*.