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Welcome to FireDogs

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FireDog News:

Updated News (2/12/2014): 
We're back! And we have a new website! It's much more slick, haha! ~ Col. Miracle

Old News:  Officers are no longer going to message our members if they have ranked up. The player in which is ranking up will be told if they have ranked up after they play a mission or operation with that officer. After they have played the mission or operation the officer will then tell him that he has ranked up if he has ranked up. For more information about the ranking system contact Col. Miracle.

If you know you will be inactive for a period of time, post in the leave of absence forum discussion,

We EXTREMELY recommend downloading and install ACRE. If you need any help contact Col. Miracle. Tutorial video:

Members are required to put their current rank as their profile picture, get your rank insignia here

Medals/Qualifications are only earned, they go in your signature, get them here

Regulations to lower ranks

Failure to acknowledge these regulations will result in 3 warnings then a derank. (These rules are to improve simulation)

  • Enlisted MUST salute to only officers when NOT in combat, they must also hold the salute until the salute is recieved.
  • Higher ranks must be addressed by there rank and then name (if in combat then just name or rank)
  • Enlisted must call NCOs and COs Sir , ex. - Yes Sir, No Sir  when ever NOT in combat

FireDogs is looking for players in Arma 3 to which who are actually looking to join a good group for combat. We are recruiting players who understand the basics of Arma 3 and would appreciate a combat simulator. 

We're glad to see that you're interested in the FireDogs group for Arma 3. Let's get started. Create a free account now for our site. Once done, you'll have access to our forums and keep in touch with other players.


Rule # 1 - Mic use required

Rule # 2 - NEVER leave a friendly behind (Use the buddy system)

Rule # 3 - Wait for your squad before embarking

Rule # 4 - Call out bearing before taking shots at enemy

Rule # 5 - Always show respect on servers (Play nice & fair with other players)

Rule # 6 - Never cross fire & avoid friendly fire at all costs

Rule # 7 - If somehow you get seperated with friendlies and you see contact, give your situation & location ASAP

Rule # 8 - Please be respectful to other players and have fun

Rule # 9 - You are required to put our group clantag and your rank infront of your Arma 3 name example - [FDOG] Pvt. [Your name here]